Dear Grey-haired uncle.

Dear grey-haired uncle, Remember me? Of course, you do. I saw the fear on your face when you saw me yesterday. You still remember me as that little girl in the 7th grade, don’t you? An age from which I remember nothing, I remember you. “No, ma. I won’t go to that man’s house I […]

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Body Shaming

Don’t call them fat We’ve heard them say But the thin ones, Aren’t let away. ‘Skinny bitches’, One of many names. Our character decided, By our body frames. Boys like curves, Go eat some more. We’re forced to eat, Till our stomach’s sore. Don’t wear that dress, Cover up those bones. A childhood spent, In […]

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Interviews. A year spent interning, Work load like the rest, Running errands, added. Her abilities put to test. The peanuts she earned Would only pay her rent. ‘Wait for graduation And then you’ll be content’. Her folks said to her, Assuring, like they knew. What was in store, Maybe a successful interview? But in her […]

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Straps. Shush, my girl, It’s an open trap. Your modesty is, Hanging by a strap. Tuck it away, They shouldn’t know. You wear one, But it cannot show. Don’t say the word, It’s not allowed, They’ll shame you now, And call you flawed. They’ve forgotten Where it all began The woman came, From the side […]

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Some time on hand, Do you have to spare? All you need to do, Is show up with Care. Millions of children, Didn’t have it like you. But you can make a difference, In the lives of a few. The gratitude is, Oh, so rewarding. It’s time you tried it, The clock is ticking. That […]

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Click click clicking

Click. Ever travelled without a camera? Phones, Cybershots and now DSLRs. Click click Clicking the same picture, that 100s of people before you, did for sure. The same angle. We all want it. The same lighting. We all need it. If you return home without a picture, Did it really happen, Sir? He, who has […]

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Diu 2017

A 3 day weekend was fast approaching and what better way to spend it than hitting the beach. Too bad, we were a little too late to confirm our tickets for 5. A little convincing later we had four sleepers to share amongst five for an 8 hour long journey, Ahmedabad to Diu. I’d say, […]

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Blurred Faces.

Somewhere whilst growing up, our faces blurred out. Our personalities lost within, our sharpened bodies. Nurse brings in the new born. “What was your first born?” She asks the mother. “A boy.” The mother replies. “Congrats! your family is now complete.” She says, handing over a baby girl. The mother smiles unaware of this social […]

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Love is not always enough.

I distinctly remember that day. A rush of adrenaline gave me the courage to do something I had never seen myself doing, ever. My ego most often ruled over me. With a virgin mojito each. You and I sat looking through pictures, at our ‘adda'(place). I can’t remember what we spoke about because my mind […]

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