Ever experienced a strong feeling of panic and sadness combined all of a sudden? There’s no specific reason to be sad but you just are. You’ve had a great day, a good conversation with your family at the end of it and your relationship is going perfectly fine. So why do you feel this way, […]

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Is Happiness a choice?

Happiness is a state of mind. Your state of mind. Who do you think is responsible to keep it peaceful/sane? I think happiness is a personal choice. I didn’t approach it that way before but now, I do strongly feel it’s a choice. Your choice. It’s easy to sit back and think you are a […]

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“Girl gang”

Hey guys! I just thought I had to dedicate one post on this blog to my girls so here it is. I’ve come across a lot of people, boys and girls who say friendship with guys come so much easier cause it takes a lot more effort with the girls. Personally, I never could relate […]

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I Shouldn’t Have

  I didn’t talk to you all day that day. Excited. I was meeting him after a very long time. Shuffling through my rack, I found a pack of colored foam that you’d gifted me to make something for you with. I Picked up a box and neatly lined it with yellow foam from that […]

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Rewind 365

They say the way you start your year is probably how you’ll spend the rest of it, right? I think I read this somewhere. Having counted down to 2017 in a freakin’ bus and not spending the rest of the year in one or travelling, clearly, that’s bull. Anyway, rewind 365. I walked into 2017 […]

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Not All Men.

Imagine a basket of shiny grapes, go ahead and pick out the sour ones by plain sight. **** I was 7. Cycling with a friend on the street where I lived. “Heyyy, sexy. Get in, will you?” You said cruising past me repeatedly in your yellow Alto. Sexy. I was 7. “What does sexy mean, […]

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Dear Grey-haired uncle.

Dear grey-haired uncle, Remember me? Of course, you do. I saw the fear on your face when you saw me yesterday. You still remember me as that little girl in the 7th grade, don’t you? An age from which I remember nothing, I remember you. “No, ma. I won’t go to that man’s house I […]

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