Lab Rats

As freshers, We entered office, scared and new. Sir took us to his window and showed us the view. . “You’ve signed up for this.” He said with pride. Handing us over, to be tested and tried. . ‘Lab rats’ we were, the first batch of TOSA. Spent three semesters trying to take part in […]

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The wreck You left behind.

Look at what you’ve done, Taken her sanity like it was your own. Watching the fire You started, Smother it till it dies, Slowly and then all at once. You let out a smile, your bait. Like She was a kill to display on your wall. Bloody proud of the Wreck  You created of an […]

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A puzzle of Six

‘A puzzle of six, missing a face’. Each playing their part to cover up that space. . He, with the beard and the infectious smile, Can bring her to sing with him whilst driving a mile. . He, with the Phineas head, dressed in white, Can converse his way into setting her swings right. . […]

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Two Girls

A chapter that took 2 seasons to complete. Two girls met, while looking for independence to stand on their feet. . Lending a hand each time the other fell. Whether in love with a boy or 6 feet under, only they could tell. . A friendship that needed patience more than anything. Cause while one […]

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Let Children Be Innocent

You’re sitting with your family, watching T.V, a show on child physical and sexual abuse. Mum and Dad are passing comments, on thanking god you’re not in their shoes. The show describes what kind behavior, can be considered as a punishable crime. You get a flashback of that grey-haired uncle, and the way he touched […]

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That Guy on an Enfield.

  Then comes the guy, With tattoos and an earring. Riding an Enfield, He promises you he’s not boring. You’re blinded by this Refreshing change in guys. The monotonous boys before, Have made you welcome his lies. He says all the right things, And leads you on for months. Soon he’ll vanish and, All you’ll […]

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A Boy at Loss.

You had your turn, you ruined it. Sorry boy, for commitment, you ain’t fit.  I have enough “Y”s, I don’t need you now. Cause unlike you, some “Y”s announce me and take a bow. They’ll hold my hand and not be embarrassed And be thankful that I’m not a girl, they missed. Choosing those people […]

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Mount Carmel Days.

A poem about the memories Mount Carmel gave us. Oh Mount Carmel! I didn’t appreciate you enough, Who would’ve guessed, life outside would get so rough. Those afternoons spent on the drive with girlfriends and gossip. Those Samosas and Kachoris, accompanied with the best dip. Those delicious donuts the size of my Palm And the […]

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