Lab Rats

As freshers, We entered office, scared and new. Sir took us to his window and showed us the view. . “You’ve signed up for this.” He said with pride. Handing us over, to be tested and tried. . ‘Lab rats’ we were, the first batch of TOSA. Spent three semesters trying to take part in […]

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Internship, How ? What? Where?

This write-up only explains how I applied and why I did things the way I did. It definitely isn’t an advise and certainly doesn’t guarantee you an internship if you do what I did. WHERE IT ALL STARTED. Back in my Third semester, one of my faculty in Architecture school took personal interest in my […]

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10 Semesters of Architecture.

This one’s about the things that we begin Caring about with or without realizing. Sem I-  Pencils. pencils in all shapes, sizes and colors. we have them lying all over the studio or our house. No food? It’s alright I have pencils. Since we’re only allowed to use pencils in this Sem, and of course […]

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