Gokarna in the monsoon – 2018

Okay this one is long over due! It’s just that, Everytime I sat to finish up this article, I’d end up writing about something else. Anyway. Before we go into details, if you’re looking for details on the beach trek, I’m sorry. This trip mostly consisted of us relaxing on the beach and treating ourselves […]

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But you’re such a brave girl

I think that’s all I hear from everyone I meet anymore. That’s all they can seem to say, seeing my unlined eyes and messy hair. Am I, really? Because I don’t feel it at all, at least not in the past month. Everything seems to be crumbling down faster than I’m able to run around […]

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Almost ‘happy ending’

Yes, you read that right. Let me tell you in detail, how I got there. My boyfriend had been going for reflexology sessions back in his town. A numb ankle from excessive driving being the main reason for it. This weekend he came down to spend sometime with me. Which meant he’d be missing the […]

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Ever experienced a strong feeling of panic and sadness combined all of a sudden? There’s no specific reason to be sad but you just are. You’ve had a great day, a good conversation with your family at the end of it and your relationship is going perfectly fine. So why do you feel this way, […]

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Belur-Halebid 2018

A second time visit to the magnificent temple district, this time was way more personal and enriching compared to my previous visit which was from college. (I will only be talking about my experience and not the history of the place). Belur lies about 220 km west of Bangalore, a 4-5 hour journey by bus. […]

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Is Happiness a choice?

Happiness is a state of mind. Your state of mind. Who do you think is responsible to keep it peaceful/sane? I think happiness is a personal choice. I didn’t approach it that way before but now, I do strongly feel it’s a choice. Your choice. It’s easy to sit back and think you are a […]

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Dandeli 2018

Having mostly taken off on leisure vacations before, Dandeli showed me how extremely different an adventurous trip was from them. Two girls, one two wheeler and a forest to sum it up in a sentence. We took a sleeper bus from Bangalore to the Dandeli bus stand. With a package pre-booked with Rangers Camp homestay, […]

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Hampi 2018

As architects, we consider every site visit an opportunity to explore the surroundings. Lucky for us, our site happened to be in Hospete the node for travellers heading to Hampi, a heritage site recognized by UNESCO. We took a train to Hospete where our site was (they’ve introduced flights as well since last week.) Once […]

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“Girl gang”

Hey guys! I just thought I had to dedicate one post on this blog to my girls so here it is. I’ve come across a lot of people, boys and girls who say friendship with guys come so much easier cause it takes a lot more effort with the girls. Personally, I never could relate […]

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Coorg 2018

A trip to attend a friend’s engagement, the first of this kind. It had been a while since we girls had travelled, last one being Pune about a year ago. So the excitement was obvious for this reason and it was also my first time visit to this beautiful place. Having had several Coorgi friends […]

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