“Girl gang”

Hey guys! I just thought I had to dedicate one post on this blog to my girls so here it is. I’ve come across a lot of people, boys and girls who say friendship with guys come so much easier cause it takes a lot more effort with the girls. Personally, I never could relate […]

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Coorg 2018

A trip to attend a friend’s engagement, the first of this kind. It had been a while since we girls had travelled, last one being Pune about a year ago. So the excitement was obvious for this reason and it was also my first time visit to this beautiful place. Having had several Coorgi friends […]

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I Shouldn’t Have

  I didn’t talk to you all day that day. Excited. I was meeting him after a very long time. Shuffling through my rack, I found a pack of colored foam that you’d gifted me to make something for you with. I Picked up a box and neatly lined it with yellow foam from that […]

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Rewind 365

They say the way you start your year is probably how you’ll spend the rest of it, right? I think I read this somewhere. Having counted down to 2017 in a freakin’ bus and not spending the rest of the year in one or travelling, clearly, that’s bull. Anyway, rewind 365. I walked into 2017 […]

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Not All Men.

Imagine a basket of shiny grapes, go ahead and pick out the sour ones by plain sight. **** I was 7. Cycling with a friend on the street where I lived. “Heyyy, sexy. Get in, will you?” You said cruising past me repeatedly in your yellow Alto. Sexy. I was 7. “What does sexy mean, […]

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Dear Grey-haired uncle.

Dear grey-haired uncle, Remember me? Of course, you do. I saw the fear on your face when you saw me yesterday. You still remember me as that little girl in the 7th grade, don’t you? An age from which I remember nothing, I remember you. “No, ma. I won’t go to that man’s house I […]

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Body Shaming

Don’t call them fat We’ve heard them say But the thin ones, Aren’t let away. ‘Skinny bitches’, One of many names. Our character decided, By our body frames. Boys like curves, Go eat some more. We’re forced to eat, Till our stomach’s sore. Don’t wear that dress, Cover up those bones. A childhood spent, In […]

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